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Teachers' Day 2020: Say Thanks and Help Create a Better World

Chalkboard with "Happy Teachers' Day" written
Events this year make us appreciate a lot of things. If you’re a parent or a student — the teachers in our lives are high on that list.

Teachers guide, engage, educate, nurture and devote themselves and their time to our children.
Most schools are closed through Teachers’ Day this year. But there are still ways to show your appreciation for all the effort, even if your household has no school age children or the only teacher contact information you have is an email address.

Supporting Teacher Organizations Directly

There are many organizations dedicated to education, but here is a great list of organizations focused on helping teachers do what they do best — teach. Our mission to provide alternatives to ‘stuff’ gifts puts us directly in touch with these and more (up to 1.5 million) charities — not to mention the good works they do.

Give Your Teacher the Gift of Giving

Charity Gift Cards empower a teacher to choose which charities receive your donation. A few of the charity categories she or he can choose from include Children & Youth, Education, Disaster Relief and Health & Wellness. Considering how much they normally get to serve the community, your teachers will appreciate getting to make the world better this way.

Here are our latest card designs for Teachers Day. But you can always upload a custom image to warm your teacher’s heart.

The best part: TisBest Charity Gift Cards are sold online and deliverable via email! But physical cards and downloadable PDFs are also available.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out at with any questions.